World Oral Health Day 2017 – Live Mouth Smart

World Health Day (WHD) is celebrating every year on April 7th. Now a days 90% of the people suffering from different kind of health issues. From this reason World Dental Organization has started oral health awareness campaign from 20th March 2013, since that date and month celebrating world health day. In this oral health awareness campaigns decided every year a new theme. Those are mentioned below.

  • Healthy teeth, healthy life – 20th March, 2013
  • Brush for a healthy mouth – 20th March, 2014
  • Smile for life – 20th March, 2015
  • Healthy mouth, healthy body – 20th March, 2016


Theme of this year decided has Live Mouth Smart.

Personal hygiene:
Every human body health condition is being depends on their healthy living life style, such as hygiene. Personal hygiene is most important role to promoting good health. Personal hygiene includes washing hands, daily bath, daily brush, weekly once cutting nails, wearing washing cloths, avoid extra activities like smoking and drinking.
Environmental hygiene:
Environmental hygiene plays a vital role in health condition of human being. Maintain neat and clean house premises, waste disposal system, pure drinking water, fresh food, every time controlling the growth of mosquitoes and fleas. Always maintain clean kitchen. Everyone have to take the task at home, by getting to know your environment and living premises, and eliminate all possible sources of standing water, waste plants, garbage.

Atleast from this year, everyone take some time to spread the importance of the health and how you and your neighbors on World Health Day!

For more info visit: World Oral Health Day 2017 – Live Mouth Smart


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