Routine Dental Examination and Its Significance

Routine Dental Examination should include inspection of the floor of the mouth, all surfaces of the tongue, the salivary glands and ducts, and lymph nodes of the neck in order to detect pathology, this is also called Intraoral Examination. To do the dental examination using visual, digital, radiographic inspection of the teeth and surrounding places, including the head and neck. The depth of the gingival sulcus is also probed and measured around each tooth to assess the state of health of the periodontium. The examination is completed with a mirror, explorer, periodontal probe, and dental radiographs.

The majority of dental treatments are carried out to prevent or treat the two most common oral diseases. Common treatments involve the restoration of teeth, extraction or surgical removal of teeth.

Fixing Problems
Regular dental visits help to prevent serious medical problems when you visit your dentist for a routine checkup dentists will carefully examine your mouth. Dentists carefully check patient’s pain and illness. They will also check your other parts of patient’s body. They will examine patient’s neck, your head, your face, your throat, your saliva and how your jaw moves.

Regular Cleaning Prevents Tooth Decay
Dentist when he going to perform a regular cleaning on your teeth before he has to examine patient’s various body parts.The purpose of a routine cleaning is to remove any tartar or plaque that tends to quickly build up on patient’s teeth. Soft plaque can cause tooth decay and gum irritation. Definitely, it can also harden on the teeth, which is not only makes it harder to remove, but it also damages the teeth. Routine checkups along with proper home care are the best way to remove tartar and plaque buildup to help prevent cavities and tooth decay. Patient’s teeth will feel cleaner and look brighter after these things have been cleaned.
Patient’s regular six-month teeth cleanings will help dentist determine if patients have any problems that need to be fixed. In this process including of checking bite strength, X-rays, and examine gums. If the dentist finds any damage or cavity that needs to repair teeth.
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